Curricular Briefing

Sebastião Laroca PHD

Professor Sênior. Meteorologist (IPE-Paraná, Brazil). Under graduation in Natural History and MSc in Life Sciences (Entomology) (UFPR, Brazil). Graduation in geology and geomorphology of quaternary (UFPR). Doctor (PhD) by the University of Kansas (EUA). He works in insect (especially bees) ecology, behavior and taxonomy. He participated of scientific expeditions to some South American countries, especially in Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. He has been surveying the life history of bees and other organisms in the Brazilian Amazonian region several time. In 1964, with the British scientist W. D. Hamilton Brazilian (Nobel Prize in biology, cf . Warwick Estevam Kerr, 2000) he did an expedition through cerrado (savanna) up to the Amazonian region, in an old Jeep Willys. He had the opportunity to make extended field work also with the Japonese ecologist Shôichi Francisco Sakagami (Univ. Hokkaido, Japan), as well as with the Norman Lee Marston (USDA), Theodore Bertis Mitchell (North Caroline), the Australian entomologist Paul MacFadyen and the Canadian applied entomologist Freddy Bennett (working in Barbados). He has approximately eighty scientific articles published in several countries, including Venezuela, Japan, France, Italy, United States of America, Mexico and Brazil. He expended a good part of his life teaching disciplines such as entomology, ecology and nature conservation to under graduate students of agronomy, veterinary, medicine. In graduate (PhD and MSc) course of life science (entomology), he advised several PhD and MSc thesis at the University of Paraná. He is the head Editor of Acta Biológica Paranaense (Biological Sciences Sector, UFPR, Curitiba, Brazil) and Dusenia (Publicatio Periodica de Scientia Naturali). He has also written a book on basic ecology and another on bee types deposited in Fiocrus (Rio de Janeiro) as well as participated (as representative of the University of Paraná) in the revision of the British Encyclopaedia (Brazilian version). He received various distinctions as the National Prize of Ecology [CNPQ, CVRD, PETROBRAS, MININT (SEMA)], Castrense que Brilha (Municipal Chamber of Castro city, Brazil), His last book (O Doutor Emílio Ribas — Ciência, Ética e Raízes Paranaenses) is in press. He and Afonso I. Orth (1998) presented some of the first recommendations (ONU) in order to preserve and make the sustainable use of pollinators in world scale.

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